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Quality and Enviromental Policy

WTECH is constituted from a professional team with extensive experience in environmental consulting and engineering, telematics and industrial whose common axis is the application of new technologies to contribute to the continued development of innovative projects, being TECHNICAL OFFICE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING, AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROJECT MANAGEMENT our core business.

To offer full warranty and meet quality objectives, we use in all our projects the specifications, standards, resources, materials, techniques and technology, leaders in their respective areas of engineering with the aim of providing quality warranted services.

The technical team consists of personnel with proven skills and extensive experience in implementing and executing large projects for both public administration as well as large construction companies, highlighting their specialized participation in emergency work and / or urgent in their activity areas.

We count on with the most advanced technology and methods to carry out water infrastructures, electromechanical and telematics, generating subsequently the necessary management tools to ensure maximum efficiency.

The WTECH team, understands that the service performed is aimed to "the quality of service" and "customized treatment" to each of our clients, adapting ourselves to their needs and transmitting the technology and human expertise of our equipments and staff.

Our policy of quality and environmental standards follows the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 procedures on the following management codes as certified by SGS entity:

  • System Integration

Quality and Environment, as WTECH's structural pillars, create an entire asset within our   integrated management system.

  • Leadership

Senior management is emerging as a leading integrated management system, actively contributing to continuous improvement, accidents prevention and environmental care.

  • Customer Satisfaction

We constantly control that we respond to our customer's demands and expectations, also contributing to sustainable development.

  • Qualification and Vocational Training

Management will enhance the training needed to get a highly qualified staff, which manages to increase our competitiveness in the market, putting us apart from our competitors.

  • Continuous Excellence Improvement

We think of continuous improvement as our system's permanent objective. It is also a method to achieve constant increasement of quality perceived by our customers and which will guide us to excellence.

  • Legislative compliance

We contribute to sustainable development, taking an integrated approach in our environmental commitment, ensuring optimal conditions in connection with the continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

  • Communication and information

We will promote internal and external communication on environmental and quality developments of our organization.

Based on these management codes, WTECH's direction will define anually integrated improvement targets that will be systematically reviewed to assess the degree of compliance and implement the necessary actions to meet the proposed challenges.

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