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Wells and Probes

Water Technologies, along with Perforaciones Ibéricas, has a wide range of own drilling machinery comprising drilling machines with an annual total potential of drilling up to 100,000 m and a depth of 1,500 m.

We conduct drilling tests for groundwater research and exploitation, geotechnical, mining, geothermal, network control (piezometric and quality), control of landfills, waste storage, etc. with the following methods:

  • Anticlockwise Rotation.
  • Clockwise Rotation.
  • Percussion drilling with DTH hammer.
  • Percussion cable.
  • Continued recovery core sample

We also have a backhoe to capture groundwater that can operate both on land percussion drilling for carbonated terrains and percusion drilling clockwise and anticlockwise for land detritus.

Water Technologies provides comprehensive services in regard to the boreholes. Below the most relevant services:

  • Design of campaigns. Permission management.
  • Construction projects. Faculty project management.
  • Drilling of all types.
  • Well logging: geophysical, geological, mining, geotechnical, etc.
  • Manage on-site testing.
  • Reports.
  • Planning and coordination of health and safety at work drilling.
Development and Pumping Test

After the drill, we carry out its optimal development, executed by skilled personnel. It consists on the removal of accumulated debris and drilling mud, and the removal of fines in groundwater levels. The drilling test development helps to the coupling of the filtrant massive and also to the pacing of the aquifer.

To improve the performance of carbonate aquifer deposits, we carry out developments by acidification, more or less aggressive depending on the state of the pipe's casing. In detrital with a high level of clay, we use polyphosphates for the developments.

The pump test, also conducted by qualified personnel, allows us to optimize the collection development and determine the optimum flow rate of exploitation, as well as the final sizing of the electromechanical equipment. The pump test is performed for a minimum period of 24 hours in two phases: step pumping and pumping at a constant flow, via an exhaustive investigation of the evolution of levels and flows throughout the duration. Upon completion of extractions, the water level recovery is taken, continuously, for a period equivalent to 1 / 3 the pump and another measure more when the times are equaled. With the data flow and evolution of level, the pumping rate is set and the hydrodynamic parameters of the aquifer are calculated.

Electromechanical installation

Subsequently, the installation of the pump is carried out by qualified personnel in electromechanical, with extensive experience in installation of equipment submerged in accordance with UNE 21166, particularly for submersible pumps and UNE 21123, for fixed installations, water resistant. The section, insulation and electrical hose type and the installation of electromechanical elements, is determined by cabinet, in accordance with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations.

Once the drill test development and conditioning are concluded, as well as the electric group installation, the installation of valves, control elements and planned pipes, it starts the conditioning of the protective catch basin of elements and the perimeter fence at the place of exploitation. Simultaneously, the electrification work is carried out in accordance with current legislation, which basically consists on the line connection, the placement of electrical pylons or towers and power lines to the collection location.

These operations, in the turnkey concept, end with the installation of the transformer, the electric panel board with elements of protection and the starting up of the installation, all of it with the possibility of full automation and remote control.

Maintenance and management

One of the fundamental tasks to preserve both the sustainable exploitation of the aquifer and the correct work of the electromechanical installations, is the regular measurement of key parameters, either manually or by remote. This way, the evolution of static and dynamic levels in the aquifer will be controlled, as well as the flow rate by each drill test and the total volume computed, the aquifer recoveries during stop periods and evolution in water quality. Moreover, power consumption registration is taken at each point, voltage and amperage of the phases, providing the deviations that may cause malfunctions to the equipments.

The control of electromechanical parameters, either through periodic measurement, or by remote, is the basis of the preventive maintenance we offer, significantly reducing maintenance costs of facilities.

Due to the exhaustive control we carry out on the evolution of the drilling test, the behavior and evolution of the aquifer are also controlled by monitoring graphs. All this control is crucial for conservation and sustainable exploitation, evaluating their periods of regeneration and the variables that contribute to it.

In the same way and by mathematical modeling of the aquifer, we analyze the joint management strategies, particularly during drought periods, and the validation and calibration of parameters is done, as new information is received.

The procedings of the Water Resources Department of Water Technologies, are not only limited to deposits, pipelines or treatment and wastewater treatment, but also covers areas related to the desalination of brackish and sea water, brine injection and brine pipe construction, construction of ponds and reservoirs and distribution network development, for both urban supply and irrigation, all in keeping with sustainable development and environmental protection.

Water is an indispensable well for economic and social development, and also a scarce resource which needs a sustainable and rational exploitation. Water Technologies is commited to this goal and proceeds with a system of quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9,001 and 14,001. This quality management policy aims to ensure the implementation of the work with the highest guarantees of professionalism and environmental protection.

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