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Water Technologies provides consulting services in surface and groundwater hydrology, resolution of problems related to contamination, water management and hydrological modeling.

Our scope of work covers both government, such as industry, and the private sector. We provide to the customers a multidisciplinary and innovative team, and a highly qualified consulting service by integrating expertise in the field of hydrology.

Water Technologies, within the labours of quantification of resources, provides a special emphasis on the analysis and reconstruction of climatological series, as well as installation, remote control and meteorological networks. In this way, it is possible to elaborate real-time weather maps, agricultural studies for the delineation of irrigated areas, erosion-sedimentation studies, studies and restoration projects and forest hydrology.

Our staff counts on a team of specialized professionals in hydrological planning, executing the development of the river basin management plans and studies, the relationship between surface water and groundwater, and joint-use studies, study of minimum flows, ecological and dilution.

Water Technologies in turn, offers the performance of mathematical models of watershed hydrological behavior, analysis and flood control and study of its transmission, technical assistance for adaptation and achievement of targets set by European Directives (Water Framework Directive ) and its transposition into Spanish legislation.

Water Technologies professionals have extensive experience in:

  • Evaluation and water resources management
  • Development of water balances. Rainfall patterns, runoff, evapotranspiration and infiltration.
  • Design, control, maintenance and operation of hydrometric networks
  • Water current meter, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, etc...
  • Hydric excedents quantification
  • Interbasin transfer studies
  • Quality, contamination and protection of surface resources

As we have proposed to ourselves a target of sustainable exploitation, we take special interest in studies of regulation, joint use of surface and groundwater, watershed management models and operation of dams, study of usages, claims and guarantees, management of water cycle , development of projects relating to water supplies in drought studies and implementation of dams for water supply, flood control and hydropower exploitation in order to generate electricity.

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Water Technologies
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