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Water Technologies is a leader company in design and development of hydrogeological infrastructure and facilities. We count on engineering and consultancy teams with a strong tradition and experience in conducting hydrological and hydrogeological studies, which places us as a reference company nationwide in these disciplines.

We offer to the customer a wide experience in implementing water projects and groundwater hydrogeological characterization of both evaluation of resources and sustainable management. Moreover, through the activities developed in our different fields, we have incorporated and are familiar with the most advanced techniques in digital cartography and remote sensing, mathematical modeling of aquifers and management of the physical environment through geographical information systems.

Our team of hydrogeologists has extensive geological and hydrogeological knowledge recognized nationally and internationally, with over 20 years of experience in hydrogeological studies, developing mainly the following activities:

  • Hydrological and climate studies for determination of water balances. Remote sensing studies for determination of applications, characterization of surface irrigation, ETP estimation of reference crops.
  • Geological cartography. Geological and structural studies. Geophysical prospection and interpretation. Stratigraphic correlation of columns. 3D terrain modeling.
  • Characterization of hydrogeologic units, hydrogeological cartography of permeability distribution, inventory. "Flash" campaigns of piezometric, hydrometric and quality.
  • Hydrogeological operating definition. Conceptual operating modelation. Mathematical flow modelation.
  • Design, installation and operation of control networks (piezometry, hydrometric and quality). Remote control, control and network management.
  • Resource assessment and groundwater reserves. Hydrological balance. Mathematical modeling of balance.
  • Operation and management of groundwater. Developing standards for the granting of concessions. Artificial recharge of aquifers.
  • Joint management of surface water and groundwater. Mathematical models for the integrated management of water systems.
  • Protection of aquifers and wetlands (perimeter protection). Mathematical modeling for simulation of flow processes and transport of contaminants (solutes, immiscible fluids, etc...) and heat.
  • Actions on deep aquifers. Collection or deep injection. Deep geothermal.
  • Actions on the shallow aquifer. Collection, drainage and special foundations. Low enthalpy geothermal energy. HVAC of buildings.

Should be highlighted within the proven experience, the work of site selection for groundwater collection, defining the optimal and most economical design to achieve the flow and quality desired by the customer. Our staff developes the project, implementation, project management team, capacity development and pumping test, as well as equipment selection and electro-pump group, the electric panel with protective elements, installation and programming of variable frequency and electrification, concluding into the turnkey certificate concept, with their control and telecommand elements installation.

Water Technologies has extensive experience in developing solutions to drought emergency, by collecting deep aquifers, minimizing the impact to surface resources and therefore its associated infrastructure. Also feasibility studies, analysis and balance of resources and general planning for the management of drought through the implementation of joint management models of surface and groundwater.

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