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Water Technologies has a team of geophysic testification for in-situ drilling tests and technical experts to diagnose them. With immediate geographic availability nationally and diagnostic capability for drilling to 1,000 m, Water Technologies accurately analyzes the hydrogeological state and electromechanical facilities to optimize the exploitation of them and provides turnkey solutions for their setup.

When the characteristics of the well are not well known, or it starts to cause problems, either due to low flows, loss of quality or excessive lowering of the dynamic level, it is necessary to know what is happening inside and decide reasonably which actions are needed to be taken to return the well to the optimal operating conditions. The geophysic testification allows us to obtain this valuable information in a rigorous and scientific way, greatly increasing the chances of success of improvement actions.

The geophysical recognition allows us to collect all the characteristic parameters of a drill test:

Water temperature and conductivityWith this record, it is posible to evaluate the overall quality of water in the well and identify the specific location of the various inputs of water in it, if there were any.
Deviation and drilling directionThis register detects the possible deviation of the well. When a well is deflected may present problems in the time of intubation, to place and remove the well pump, or low flows due to the elevated loss of pressure.
Logging diameter along the well (caliper)This drilling test records the different diameters of drill and casing. This way, it is possible to detect reductions, dents or other defects, as well as the possible collapse of the walls of the well, the location of cracks and cavities, etc.
Downhole natural flowsThis register may identify the contributions of water inside the well and the possible interrelationships between the various aquifers crossed.
Natural Gamma RadiationWith this record relevant information about the terrain traversed is obtained. Depending on the rock's nature, different amounts of radiation are emited so it is possible to locate permeable and impermeable layers.

The electric log is designed to be done prior to intubation, to obtain information from the geologic record and thus provide valuable data for the design of the filter column.

However, in a well already cased, data can be obtained such as the depth at which the casing ends or some information about the status of the filter sections.

In a still uncased well, this record can help to put the filter areas for intubation, due to the possibility of distinguish the terrains more or less permeable, which may leave more or less water passages.

Acoustic Televiewer Probe

It registers in both ascent and descent direction, and generates an image of the well's walls, registering the amplitude and travel time of acoustic waves reflected at the interface of drilling fluid / walls of the well. The quality of the recorded images depends on the contrast between the fluid impedance characteristics in the well and the traversed terrain in it. When the properties of both are similar, the reflection coefficient tends to zero, therefore, there is little reflection.

The roughness of the walls, drilling fluid characteristics, ellipticity of the well, etc., are determining factors to obtain a quality record. The images are oriented through magnetometers and accelerometers, usually referencing them to magnetic north.

Videographic record with underwater camera

It is without any doubt the most clearly interpretable record. With the well viewing are recognized the state of the pipes, dirt, its depth, breakage, clogging of filters, etc.

It is a basic record to determine the overall condition of a well and, from it, identifying the possible actions for necessary improvement. It is highly demanded for the control of works by the customer.

The TV camera to make the videographic recognition in color resists temperatures up to 60 º C and pressures of 150 atmospheres. It has a lens with axial and lateral vision. It also has cold-type lighting and conventional LEDs. The recording is done in DVD format which is provided to the client for its display.

Once the field data is collected, which is provided by the various drilling tests through the log, and the video is recorded on DVD, our team of hydrogeologist experts, with over 1.000 diagnosed drills, will test your installation proposing an action plan for its optimization.

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