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Water Technologies has technical experts in design and deployment of desalination plants and water treatment.

In Water Technologies we realize that 98% of the total available water in the world contains so much salt that makes it unfit for human consumption or other uses. So its treatment by desalination generates an enormous potential as a sustainable resource to meet both specific problems of water quality as well as more general related to shortage. Therefore, and due to the experience of the staff of Water Technologies, desalination is one of the fields of business activity of greatest importance.

The treatment of desalination is a process whereby the salty water, both marine, mostly, and continental origin, can become a useful water resource for human consumption as well as for irrigation and industrial uses.

The desalination of both brackish and sea water, has experienced over the last decade some important changes, currently there are many countries that routinely use it to lessen major water deficits, from sea or rivers saline or on a smaller scale, to solve problems of water quality (brackish continental water, wastewater treatment, etc.).

These changes were due mainly to progress in the field of salt separating membranes, or reverse osmosis membranes, increasing their efficiency and power of salt rejection, and the development of designs and improvements in the mechanical equipment which have allowed a significant reduction in the cost of desalinated water production.

The greater energy efficiency of this technology compared to the traditional ones of steam, has allowed its extension to sectors such as agriculture, where their use seemed unthinkable a few years ago and widely disseminated among others such as industry and urban water supply where desalination was best known.

If low pressure membranes have been a solution to the problems of increasing salinity of overexploited aquifers, the high pressure ones, which allow the desalination of sea water, are the answer to the shortage of resources in coastal areas.

Water Technologies, directs its efforts to develop innovative systems to ensure that the quality of water which enters into the reverse osmosis membranes is the optimal one, depending on the type of sea water or brackish water, and taking into account the possible seasonal or hyperannual variation. Thus substantially reduces maintenance and replacement costs of membranes.

The staff of Water Technologies has extensive experience in studying and modeling the natural self-purification of the land to take groundwater from seawater and brackish water, significantly reducing the costs of the pretreatment plant.

Similarly, post membrane treatments are also made, in those cases which are already installed and where unpredicted quality anomalies are generated.

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