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Automation and Remote Systems

Our aim is to provide customized solutions, consistent and interoperable to meet the specific needs of all the processes of water cycle, so that we can offer to our customers turnkey solutions.

Natural resources such as water require every day an effective management to ensure availability and quality and at the same time ensuring sustainable development activities with intensive use or water consumption. All actors involved in the collection, distribution and water treatment, are cooperating with employees in the field of automation which are capable of providing solutions in all phases of the system, from facilities design to maintenance.

WTECH provides complete solutions in all areas of the water cycle such as drilling, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, water treatment stations, desalination plants, distribution networks, sewage systems, ponds and reservoirs, etc. fertigation.

We are experts in the field of the water cycle and the restrictions contained in the automation of its processes:

  • Environmental
    • Quality
    • Traceability
    • Safety
    • Continued service guarantee
  • Economic
    • Total cost of installation, maintenance and system upgrades
    • Operating costs, materials and energy consumption
  • Legal
    • Water collection rights
    • Guarantee of reserve level
    • Dumping authorisation

In the analysis of the systems needs, the following requirements are generally extracted:

  • Acquisition of data: state, measures, counting...
  • Processing and temporal tagging of events and actions
  • Fast variable transmission to SCADA systems
  • Publication in historic files, diagrams and synoptic
  • Remote monitoring of processes and facilities
  • Management and maintenance of key operations by Scada systems
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs, remote diagnosis and down time incidence reduction.
  • Support for decision making in real time.

Based on industry standards of automation and our acquired experience, we design prototypes of architectures to optimize the required investment and reduce time and costs of operation and maintenance.

Independent units, minimal human presence and long distances are the determining factors for the system, which are generally divided into three levels:

  • Instrumentation level
  • Link level
  • Control level
Instrumentation level

At this level, we find a variety of sensors and electronic devices capable of measuring quantities, levels and volume as well as various water quality parameters in different applications.

  • Groundwater
  • Surface water
  • Wastewater
  • Marine water
  • Weather
  • Water Quality

On the other hand there are different actuators to govern gates, motors, pumps etc.

  • Starters
  • Variable speed devices
  • Robots

Any electronic system requires an electrical source and the corresponding elements of protection. In WTECH, we solve the energy needs of your installation, either through grid connection or using renewable energy in isolated points, thereby providing complete turnkey solutions.

Link level

The points of measurement and control are often decentralised and away from command and control centers. That is why it requires the transmission of the variables monitored by the measuring and control devices to these operation and maintenance centers.

WTECH provides accurate software tools in the planning of radio links, as well as tools for coverage analysis and design of high frequency and broadband services such as HSDPA and WiMAX by providing our customers wireless channels related to distances up to 40km.

The achieved bandwidths with these kind of technologies allowed us to develop ambitious plans for real-time video surveillance in geographical extensions of over 60 km. The use of such applications is increasing in environmental monitoring or security of critical facilities.

For further information regarding these services please consult the telecommunications area of our website.

Control level

Generally, we find SCADA systems as front-end communications with the various field buses, such as Modbus or CANopen-IP, whose technologies converge to the IP world. These systems allow us to represent the facilities by synoptic or control points with all their associated variables, providing a fast and visual information to the exploitation operator. All values recorded by the different variables are stored as an historic archive.

Similarly, these systems provide alarm and event management and their historical archiving.

As an added value, WTECH offers to clients its expertise in custom development of Business Intelligence applications and solutions, as a support to the decision-making process. This software is fed from the historical SCADA systems and provides trend analysis, heuristic behavior, intelligent management of incidents, highly customized graphs and reports etc.

For further details visit the Information Systems section of this website.

In the same way, WTECH provides a greater level of control over their facilities through the use of mobile devices as a control and monitoring interface. In this way our customers can control and monitor, from smart phones with Internet access, all their facilities.

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