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Environmental impact studies. Analysis, quality and soil and water pollution assesment. Mathematical modeling of transport of pollutants. Studies and remediation projects. Selection and characterization of storage sites for solid waste, which can be urban, industrial and special.

Water Technologies has an exclusive department for the preparation of environmental impact studies, generally proceeding in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Describe and analyze the project (both in content and in its target), since it tries to minimize the disturbance generated by the impact.
  • Define and evaluate the medium on which the project will have effect, since the objective of an Environmental Impact Assessment is to minimize and / or to cancel the possible environmental consequences derivated from the projects execution.
  • Anticipate environmental impacts generated and evaluate them to judge the suitability of the work, and to allow, or not, its realization in the best possible conditions for environmental sustainability. Determine minimizing, corrective and compensatory measures.

We also carry out other projects such as restoration of river channels, mines, abandoned rafts and industries, landfills, and infrastructure. Water Technologies designs and makes projects related, among others, to planning and management of natural resources (forests, fish and hunting), afforestation and silvicultural treatments, the hydrological-forestry, rural infrastructure, and protected natural areas.

Water Technologies is a pioneer in terms of analysis and quality and contamination assessment. We make the study, diagnosis and risk analysis of hydrocarbon pollution and other contaminants, soluble or not, recovery plans and actions for the clean up of aquifer soils and rivers, as well as design and construction, implementation and operation of networks control.

Once the area is characterized by mathematical flow modeling, which incorporates the model mapping, rainfall-runoff model, the spatial distribution of permeability in 3D and the coefficients of storage, we elaborate pollutant transporters models, both in the saturated area and the not saturated one.

Passed the previous risk analysis, based on the different simulated predictable scenarios, vulnerability maps are elaborated in order to select the most favorable areas for the location of different activities, depending on the degree of associated contamination.

In relation to urban and industrial wastewater, Water Technologies conducts studies and projects related to sewerage networks, collectors, wastewater pipeline and drives. Also on sewage treatment plants (STP), sewage pumping stations and everything concerning the reuse of treated water.

Water Technologies offers an extensive array of services relating to the treatment of drinking water.

  • Treatment of contaminated water.
  • Rehabilitation of aquifers with salt intrusion.
  • Renovation of old plants with latest technology and advanced processes for operation and maintenance.
  • Implementation of new design concepts and technologies in the treatment projects.
  • Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membranes with high resistance in the presence of organic pollution.
  • Reduction of nitrates and other salts by reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange.
  • Determination of the optimal methods of treatment for all types of water.

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