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This is a generic program designed to simulate groundwater 3D flow from the variable-density coupled with multi-species transport of solute and temperature.

The program is based on a flexible set of equations, which calculate the density of the fluid in terms of one or more species of MT3D99 or according to fluid pressure. The effect of variations in fluid viscosity can be set up. The model can apply the effect of temperature.

Although it has not been explicitly designed to simulate heat transport, the temperature can be simulated as one of the species, incorporating appropriate transport coefficients. The heat exchange with the solid matrix can be treated in a similar manner using the process mathematically equivalent to the absorption of the solute. Combining flexible equations for the density and viscosity of the fluid, with multi-species transport, SEAWAT represents the flow of groundwater of the variable-density coupled with multi-species of solute and heat transport.

This software has been used for a wide variety of groundwater studies, including those related to brine migration in continental aquifers as well as those related to saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers. SEAWAT uses the familiar structure of MODFLOW and MT3D99. Thus, most of the commonly used pre and post-processors can be applied to create SEAWAT data sets and display results.

The MODFLOW basic concepts are preserved in SEAWAT, which allows the program to work with many of the MODFLOW-related software and parameter estimation programs.

It can be seen below the evolution of the salt concentration in an aquifer due to contamination from dumping from surface:


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