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UNSAT Software Suite Plus combines models such as HELP, PEST, SESOIL, VS2DTen VLEACH and a new powerful graphical environment, specifically designed to simulate groundwater flow and contaminant transport with one-dimensional unsaturated zone. This one-dimensional model simulates the downward vertical flow of groundwater and migration of dissolved contaminants in groundwater through a thin column of soil.

The revolutionary design of the interface UNSAT Suite Plus allows to quickly and easily create a one-dimensional unsaturated zone model using the most appropriate simulation code to site conditions.

UNSAT Suite Plus uses the latest software engineering techniques to integrate existing technologies in unsaturated zone modeling and to introduce many new methods to visualize and manage their projects, generating input data, presenting modeling results and sharing data between models.

Main functions

The software package UNSAT Suite Plus includes many tools and design elements which allow to produce professional flow simulations. The functions of this product include:

  • Unified Environment Modeling.
  • New Project Wizard.
  • Project management.
  • Data entry.
  • Graphic display.
  • Links of database.
  • SWS Weather Generator.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Results presentation.
  • Automatic Reporter.

The simulation capabilities are possible through the integration of 5 different models within the software Suite Plus UNSAT. These integrated models are:

 HELP, is a model applicable to the hydrological processes of embankments, clearings, modified hillsides, etc... and which allows stability testing, viability and proper design. It is also effective in the calculation of the value of groundwater recharge.

PESTAN (Pesticide Analytical) is an analytical model of pesticide, which uses an analytical solution to predict the transport of organic solutes in the unsaturated zone to the groundwater table. It is useful to evaluate the potential for groundwater contamination by pesticides used in agricultural applications, and potential groundwater impacts of any organic solute migrates with the unsaturated zone.

SESOIL (seasonal flow and transport model for unsaturated SOIL zone), is a model that can simulate simultaneously water movement, sediment transport and pollutant in the field. It is used for research on contaminant transport, its washing, volatilization and diffusion in the air of the volatile part, as well as the phenomena of absorption, volatilization, degradation, cation exchange, hydrolysis and metal complexation.

VLEACH Model (unsaturated zone leaching) is a one-dimensional leaching model of the unsaturated zone, using a finite difference model, which predicts the movement and vertical migration of organic contaminants in the vadose zone. This allows an assessment of damage to underground water due to vertical migration of contaminants in the vadose zone and predict the volatilization in the subsurface of the potential volatiles.

VS2DT (2D flow and transport model variably saturated), is a finite difference numerical model for flow of steady or transient state. VS2DT model most common applications include determination of agricultural chemicals, wash fill, leaks and accidental releases of chemicals as they migrate from the vadose zone to the saturated zone of the aquifer.


Simulate the transport and long-term fate of pollutants (VOCs, PAHs, pesticides and heavy metals) in the unsaturated zone with variable conditions according to the station using SESOIL.

Predict vertical migration of volatile hydrocarbons through the vadose zone with permanent flow conditions using VLEACH.

Calculate the migration of agricultural pesticides through the unsaturated zone with permanent flow conditions using PESTAN.

Simulate groundwater flow and contaminant transport processes through heterogeneous unsaturated soils with variable flow conditions using VS2DT.

Generate up to 100 years of statistically reliable weather data to virtually anywhere in the world using SWS Weather Generator.

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