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Given the great variety of hydrogeological data sources and in order to treat them effectively, it is necessary to integrate them into software which allows not only the storage and treatment, but also to output them through quick and easy interface formats applicable to hydrogeology, to make a proper management and administration.

Hydro GeoAnalyst allows to:

• Storage of multiple layers of information such as lithological data, geophysical data, water levels, and data on water quality.
• Output data in a great variety of formats.
• A user-friendly interface and easy to use.

This software has an integrated GIS, which allows georeferenced data processing, which facilitates the proper management of them.

PIt also has a design tool for geological and hydrogeological profiles, both 2 and 3 dimensions, allowing to create three-dimensional terrain models based on geo-referenced probe data.

3D-Explorer is a tool to view charts, probing locations with lithology, maps, contours, and flow of plumes within the 3D environment.

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