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Photovoltaic Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is based on capturing energy from the sun and its subsequent transformation into electricity using photovoltaic modules.

WTECH provides customized energy solutions through the implementation of photovoltaic technologies, among which include:

  • Photoelectric power plants: they are equipped with central areas devoted to capturing solar energy through photovoltaic panels. These are arranged on supports which allow solar panel position to be always optimal for solar energy collection.
  • Electrification of isolated rural homes with difficult access to the electricity grid. Suitable for moderate consumption, taking into account energy saving criteria such as the use of high-efficiency electrical appliances and light bulbs.
  • Households with access to the electricity grid. In some countries, utilities are required to buy photovoltaic electricity at much higher prices than sales. In this way the energy collected is sold directly to the electricity grid at a high fare, while making a normal consumption of the network at a low fare. So the income from the sale of energy is subtracted from consumption expenditure on the same network, always leaving a positive balance. So that, the repayment of the facility is recovered in a few years, and since that moment, it generates an economic benefit.
  • Groundwater pumping for water supply or other uses. It consists on the use of photovoltaic panels to power the groundwater pump extractor. Perhaps the most profitable option for this technology because fewer components are used and lasts much longer.
  • Wireless telecommunication systems consist basically on the use of photovoltaic panels to power isolated remote stations, without any possible conventional network connection.
  • Electronic components isolated from the electricity grid, such as dataloggers, surveillance cameras, ultrasound sensors, etc...
  • Autonomous lighting systems using LEDs, such as lamps, beacons for signage, billboards, etc...

WTECH also has experience in application of cleaning solutions for the central panel. Enabling and arranging the sampling points (surface or underground). Making water treatment if necessary (osmosis, microfiltration, etc...). Building cleaning equipment customized to the characteristics of each plant.

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