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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is based on the use of existing heat inside the planet. Deep geothermal energy is divided in two types:

  • The medium-enthalpy geothermal energy, which consists on the collection of resources at moderately elevated temperatures for its application, for example, in "district heating".
  • The high enthalpy geothermal energy, being already a profitable system for the direct generation of electricity, in a clean way, in favourable areas where the geothermal gradient can reach 200 º C / km.
Low enthalpy geothermal energy.

Shallow geothermal, or low and very low enthalpy, takes advantage of the absence of seasonal temperature variations in shallow to carry the heat exchange in air conditioning systems and hot water jointed to geothermal heat pumps. This possibility, clean, renewable, exists in the subsoil of any land in any inhabited place in the planet, being ecological use, effective cost and sustainable, both in houses as well as in buildings and department stores.

In this regard, Water Technologies offers a wide range of services aimed at harnessing the geothermal potential of the subsoil.

High enthalpy geothermal

WTECH has a wide range of machinery and borers with experience in drilling for geothermal exploration, and a drilling capacity to carry up to 1,500 m deep.

We also count on a team of trained and experienced specialists covering, from a multidisciplinary approach, all areas of consultancy and geology engineering, as well as hydrogeology and geothermal energy.

  • Development of the geological/hydrogeological prior study and execution and installation of exploratory wells.
  • Determination of thermal parameters of the ground by conducting geothermal response test (TRT).
  • Probe and geothermal collection field design, customized to the specific energy needs of each client and to the subsurface features of each site.
  • Execution of facilities "Turnkey" ranging from preliminary study to the geothermal heat pump.
  • Machinery park and borers with experience and capacity for implementation and installation of geothermal heat exchangers in a fast and reliable way.

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