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Concentrated Solar Power

Water technologies is currently involved with two major companies, both in Spain and abroad, in the consulting, implementation and maintenance of water resources needed for Solar Thermal Power projects which sum up more than 200MW, and is actively involved with companies that require it in all the necessary support for developing and processing the documentation required by the Administration.

A solar thermal power plant is an industrial facility which, after heating a fluid by solar radiation and its use in a conventional thermodynamic cycle, it produces the power required to drive an alternator for electrical power generation as in a classical thermal plant.

To generate this kind of energy, it is necessary to concentrate the solar radiation in order to reach temperatures from 300 º C to 1000 º C, so that it is possible to obtain an acceptable performance in the thermodynamic cycle, which could not be obtained at lower temperatures. The uptake and concentration of solar rays are made by automatic orientated mirrors that point to a central tower which heats the fluid, or also with smaller mechanisms of parabolic geometry.

Solar thermal power parabolic trough technology for a 50 MW conventional plant requires a stage of condensation of primary fluid, such as to ensure the most thermodynamic efficiency of the cycle.

Basing on the thermodynamic efficiency, it is possible to get the maximum power available in the steam turbine, and therefore the maximum electric power supplied by the joined generator.

Electrical equivalent yields in these systems range from 22% to 18%.

In the current debate on the proper system to condensate in a more compact and efficient way is convenient to consider the two technologies of the market:


Conventional cooling towers.


Air coolers

The first of these technologies requires a significant use of water, facing the second one, which increases the self consumption of the plant.

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