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Design, projection and construction of solar plants and wind farms. Energy efficiency studies with applications in civil, industrial and agricultural sector. Low and high geothermal enthalpy. HVAC of buildings.

Energy efficiency is one of our fundamental goals and it consists on the generation of all necessary actions to promote energy savings in order to:

  • Promote the efficient use of energy and transform the way of the current consume model in a more sustainable one.
  • Reduce of electricity consumption costs in the bills of our customers by optimizing the performance of their infrastructure and promoting the economic savings.

Water Technologies is present in the main renewable energies, although our well defined Environmental intention has allowed us to work in many diverse areas, both in the industrial sector and in agriculture.

We participate actively in the creation, development, implementation and maintenance of the necessary water infrastructures for the construction of thermal power plants and other facilities, as well as in irrigation infrastructure for the agricultural sector in order to optimize performance and consumption, creating a profitable energy system which we call "energy eco-efficiency".

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Water Technologies
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