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Our agronomic activity is focused on agricultural development, rural and agri-food industry, carrying out the revaluation of rural areas, irrigation quotas optimization, land systematization, irrigation systems automation, and assistance to project management in the vicinity of irrigated land.

Revaluation of rural areas

To determine the actions and investments needed for the appreciation of a particular rural area, whether small or large area, public or private initiative, individual or community owned, the appropiate agroeconomic model is developed taking into account several factors.

Wtech analyzes soil and climatic conditions, its topography and geography, its sustainable water balance, socio-economic characteristics of the production environment, including its current agricultural reality (especially in regard to local species and breeds), the processing and selling possibilities. Once the Model is discussed, Specific Projects which define each of the actions or investments are made.

Once the projects are done and the funding secured, collaboration can be kept through a Project Management service or by more direct methods such as "Turnkey" projects.

Agriculture and water economy

Wtech also studies water needs for species and horticultural varieties, suitable to local conditions taking into account the irrigation techniques availables. These techniques such as “Deficit Controled Irrigation”, optimize the water throughput, lowering the ratio m3 / kg.

Agronomic irrigation design (as mentioned above: either small or large areas, public or private initiative, individual or community property) and its associated hydraulic scheme, complete the irrigation system design to ensure maximum energy efficiency with minimal investment.

Once accepted the design and schema, the process is completed with the implementation of the project which defines technically and economically the work and facilities to perform, including automation, and its administrative management to obtain permissions and grants.

Systematization of land

The agricultural land exploitation for specific purpose implies fitting into the farming chores, energy and water efficiency criteria. Wtech carries out Land Systematization Projects for new plantations to match the current hydraulic capacity of the irrigation system with the minimum machinery and earth works.

Irrigation automation and remote control

To change the traditional canal network are determined, described and sized the necessary elements for automation of localized irrigation infraestructures. Its purpose is to optimize water and energy resources through the implementation of necessary control and command elements which allow the rational management of community networks of distribution, with the aim of minimize human intervention.

The knowledge acquired in the telematics area allows us to be pioneers in the application of emerging technologies such as Wimax or Zigbee to the irrigation world

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