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R & D Promotion and contribution to R + D through collaboration with entities dedicated to research and development, promotion and application of new techniques and technologies. Activities aimed to technological advances in the development of new products, production processes or substantial improvements of existing ones. More information >>
Environmental impact studies. Analysis, quality and soil and water pollution assesment. Mathematical modeling of transport of pollutants. Studies and remediation projects. Selection and characterization of storage sites for solid waste, which can be urban, industrial and special.
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WTECH offers a full technology consulting service in any area of business that involves the use of advanced technologies in the field of telecommunications systems, information and knowledge.
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Design, projection and construction of solar plants and wind farms. Energy efficiency studies with applications in civil, industrial and agricultural sector. Low and high geothermal enthalpy. HVAC of buildings.
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Water Extensive experience in construction and drilling development, waterworks and facilities. Hydrological and hydrogeological projects, mathematical modeling of aquifers and management of the physical environment. Sewage depuration and treatment. Desalination of brackish and seawater. More information >>
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Water Technologies is constituted from a professional team with wide experience in engineering and environmental, telematics and industrialist consultancy, whose common axis is the application of new technologies to contribute to the continuous development of innovating projects.

With the purpose of offering and meeting top quality guaranteed objectives, we use in all our projects the specifications, standards, materials, techniques and technologies, leaders in their respective areas of engineering, which ensures quality assurance services.

The equipment is formed by personnel with demonstrated qualification and great experience in the accomplishment and execution of far-reaching projects, both for public administration, as well as for great construction companies, emphasizing the participation in emergency specialized work and/or urgent character in its areas of activity.

Our clients demand us the integral management of projects and delegate to us execution, control, and responsibility on the turn key certificate concept. We have the technology and most advanced techniques to carry out hydraulic, electromechanical and telematics infrastructure, generating later the necessary management tools to guarantee the maximum effectiveness.

The activities of Water Technologies are not only limited to collection, conduction or purification of waste waters, but also include sectors related to the desalination of brackish waters and sea water, brine injection and construction of brine channels, rafts and deposits and development of distribution networks, either for urban supplying, or for irrigated land, all this in accordance with the sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

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Water Technologies
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